Can I Really Be Productive?

You have heard it time and time again. You have bought books on Amazon, read a ton of blog posts, downloaded more apps than you care to admit but still for some reason, you don’t seem to nail this productivity thing. Just like you, I have been there before. In that place where you know you need to get stuff done but for some reason by 8 PM, you barely made a dent on your unending to-do list and by bedtime, you feel defeated and tempted to give up on the whole productivity thing.

We have all heard the numerous benefits of being productivity and after so many trial and errors, I finally found a way to mold a version that works for me and helps me achieve the things I want to by bedtime. Today I want to share these things with you. So here are my top 2 ways of nailing my day by bedtime. Yes, just 2!


The Rule of 3


Before I discovered a more realistic way to handle my day,  I used to have a running list in my head of the things I wanted to do either for the day or the week (p.s. very bad idea). I would log all these things in my mind like a super computer but at some point during the day, I was bound to either forget to do something or keep pushing it back because it didn’t feel as real when it stayed floating around in my mind. Over time, as I did more digging into getting more out of my day, I graduated into writing out these things on paper. It was a step in the right direction but I wasn’t quite there yet. I realized that things got done but most times it was the things that could have waited or weren’t as important as some other things on the list. Then I discovered the rule of 3! The rule of 3 is basically picking out your top 3 must-do of the day. These things are usually your most important activities. So how does this work?

Get a clean sheet of paper, and do a mind dump of all the things you want to accomplish that day. It doesn’t really matter what it is. It could be as simple as washing your car or as important as finishing up that proposal. Whatever it is, write it all down ignoring spelling mistakes and holding nothing back. Remember this is just a mind dump, nothing is off limits.
Now go through the list and strike out anything that isn’t
        1. urgent,
        2. important for the day
        3. can be delegated to someone else either for free or for a fee
STEP 3: From whatever is left on the list, look through it and ask yourself this question, “what is the one thing I would be most proud of if I achieved today?” Make sure it is just one thing (usually it is the hardest thing or the one thing you have been avoiding). After you figure out that one important thing, put a nice star next to it.

Step 4:
Now ask yourself, from this list, what are two other things that would make my day awesome if I accomplished today? Add stars to these tasks too.

Step 5: Throw away the rest of your list!


These top 3 things are the things you should focus on alone. The secret to nailing these things is to focus all your energies on your top task and DO NOT begin task 2 & 3 until you have completed task 1.

This system has worked wonderfully well for me. By the end of the day, I more often than not have achieved something I was dreading or the biggest goal for the day or week. Seeing these tasks checked off creates a feeling of progress, satisfaction, and, content in the day overall. I am happier, more upbeat in general and have the positive energy I need to keep going throughout the week.


Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal helps really well with the rule of 3 (this is my favorite journal at the moment. I love it because it has no dates and is filled with inspirational quotes that keep me going. If you are vehemently anti-paper & pen, this iOS app can help you achieve the same result). Writing out your thoughts and having a visible list of your top 3 goals for the day helps you keep your focus and increases your chance of actually achieving your goals. It serves as a great confidence booster and fuels your energy to keep going. It also makes it easier on your mind to accomplish your goals when you have a visual way of viewing your progress over the day and over the week. You are better at organizing your thoughts and more clear about your time wasters. You know exactly what tasks (or ahem favors) to say no to, to make sure you are really doing the things you promised yourself you were going to accomplish.

These techniques have worked really great for me. With these methods, I can really say yea! I can be really productive. They have given me more moments of content when I look back at my year on December 31st and I believe they can do the same for you.

So will you be trying out these techniques?

Victorious Praise

“When he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers to sing to the Lord and praise Him in their holy [priestly] garments as they went out before the army, saying, Give thanks to the Lord, for His mercy and lovingkindness endure forever!” 2 Chronicles 20:21, The Amplified Bible

Praise precedes victory!

You can see a graphic example of that in 2 Chronicles 20. There the Bible tells us that a multitude of forces was marching against Israel. The army of Israel was so outnumbered, they literally didn’t know what to do. So they fasted and prayed until they received a word from God. “Be not afraid or dismayed at this great multitude; for the battle is not yours but God’s” (2 Chronicles 20:15, The Amplified Bible).

Do you know what they did in response to that word? They put together a praise choir! That’s right. They appointed singers and praisers and sent them out in front of the army! And when that choir began to sing, the Word tells us that “the Lord set ambushments against the men…who had come against Judah, and they were [self-] slaughtered” (verse 22).

When it was all over, not one Israelite had fallen―and not one of their enemies had escaped. What’s more, when they came to take the spoil, they found so many cattle, goods, garments and other precious things, it took them three whole days to haul it all home.

Now that’s victory! And it all began with praise.

Are you looking for that kind of victory today? Then stand up and shout, “Glory!” After all, you’re in the same situation those Israelites were in. You have an army marching against you, but Jesus has already defeated it. He won that battle for you on Resurrection morning.

All that’s left for you to do is trust Him and begin to praise. Sound out those praises today. Speak them, sing them, declare them in the face of your enemy. Once he hears them, he’ll know he doesn’t even stand a chance.
~ Gloria Copeland


I am steadfast and immovable

I am always abounding in the work of my God.

I am assured that my labor is not in vain in the Lord.

I enjoy the ministry of the Holy Spirit at all times

I have a sweet fellowship with the Holy Spirit for He is my help, comforter, counsel, and teacher.

I am anointed!

God fights all my battle and I hold my peace.

I am anxious for nothing for the peace of God guards my heart.

I enjoy divine guidance

My steps are ordered of God

I am always at the right place at the right time.

I step into favor and increase.

I unlock fresh opportunities.

God girds me with strength and gives me the capacity to fully harness

my opportunities.

God always causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus.

I increase in favor with God & with men.

I enjoy profitable relationships with people.

I encounter and recognize destiny helpers everywhere I turn.

I am at peace with my family, colleagues, mentors, friends & all men.

Men & women of influence support my cause.

I carry the aroma of Christ always.

I overcome evil with good by the blood of the Lamb.

I work in love at all times.

I have a strong spirit.

My heart delights in God’s Word and I meditate on it day & night.

I have a sound mind.

My soul craves God’s presence.

I refuse to be distracted from God’s Word.

I am disciplined with my devotional life

I declare victory over procrastination, laziness, excuses, fear, lack, besetting weights and sin.

I am rooted and built up in Christ.

I am established in the faith and I abound with fruits of obedience.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Futher Reading

I Cor 2:9, 15:58 | Exodus 14:10-18 | Isaiah 60:10, 30:20b | Jeremiah 15:16 | Galatians 6:17

Hebrews 10:23 | Ephesians 2:20 | Ps 126:6

Four Words That Work

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Mark 11:24

Believing. That’s the key to everything in the kingdom of God. It’s the way we tap in to the very power of Almighty God. Most all of us know that. But few of us are sure exactly how to do that kind of believing. We don’t know how to put it into action.

Actually it’s so simple, it’s startling. It’s as simple as saying, “I believe I receive.”
Something happens in your spirit when you say those words. I don’t understand how, but it does. I don’t understand how my digestive system knows what to do when I swallow something, but it does. All I have to do is take a bite of food and it goes to work. I don’t have to make it happen. I don’t have to feel it happen. It just happens. That’s the way the body is made.

In much the same way, when you feed on God’s precious promises and “swallow” them into your spirit by saying, “I believe I receive,” faith is released. You don’t have to make it happen. You don’t have to feel it happen. It just happens. The reborn spirit is made that way.

When you constantly say with your mouth, “I believe I receive my healing” or “I believe I receive my financial needs met,” and then quote the scriptures that back those things, faith is released to bring power to bear on those needs.
As Dr. Kenneth Hagin says, you need to “keep the switch of faith turned on.” And Gloria and I have discovered that speaking out that phrase, “I believe I receive,” is one way to do it. We say it when we pray. We say it when we praise God. We say it when we read the Word.

We especially say it in the face of darkness when it looks like we’re not receiving. When everything looks the worst, we say it the loudest. I believe I receive!

Do you want to activate your faith today? Then make these four key words the most important words in your vocabulary. Use them every day. You’ll soon discover, just as we did…they work!
by Kenneth Copeland

What to do when you’re creatively constrained

Read this great post on creativity on Tumblr and thought I’d share.
Creativity means making the most of it.

It’s easy to blame a lack of creative inspiration or motivation on circumstance, but to do so is to forget that creativity is about curiosity, resourcefulness, and action.

Creativity takes no excuses.

“My boss doesn’t allow for new ideas,” is another way of saying “I can’t come up with a creative way to sell my ideas, to innovate.”

“My job is too restrictive,” is another way of thinking you’re stuck with the perspective of the work you’ve been instructed to pursue.

But like the painter looking at the edges of the canvas, the best ideas are built within constraints, by seeing what’s possible within the bounds. As Steven Johnson writes in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From:

“Good ideas are…inevitably, constrained by the parts and skills that surround them.”

Often the solution to feeling creatively restricted is more creativity.

If you’re feeling creatively constrained, look at the resources available to you, flip your perspective, ask for help, or challenge yourself to innovate in small steps. If you find yourself constantly restricted in what you can do with your ideas, take a step back and determine what it is within yourself that is making you feel so.

Lack of energy or interest in the work, not enough on the table, feelings of the effort being unappreciated, these are all ways we lose touch with our creativity and turn toward external excuses rather than trying to solve the issues themselves.

Maybe above all, always remember the wise words from Pixar’s Ed Catmull: “When faced with a challenge, get smarter.”

You Too Can Be Healed!

Consider, for example, the time He brought the Israelites out of Egypt. He did such a mighty work of healing among them “there was not one feeble person among their tribes” (Psalm 105:37). Imagine it! God healed millions of Israelites all at once. He is able to do that, so you can rest assured He can handle any sickness that might come against you. You’re just one person. Healing you of anything is easy for God! For Him to do it, however, you need to give Him something to work with.

What do you have to give Him?
Faith! Not just a vague kind of hope that everything will turn out all right. But real, Bible faith based on God’s Word. The kind of faith that makes you bold enough to believe and say,“As surely as it was God’s will to heal the Israelites, it’s His will to heal me. So I believe I receive my healing now.

In Jesus’ Name, I AM HEALED! – G. Copeland