You Too Can Be Healed!

Consider, for example, the time He brought the Israelites out of Egypt. He did such a mighty work of healing among them “there was not one feeble person among their tribes” (Psalm 105:37). Imagine it! God healed millions of Israelites all at once. He is able to do that, so you can rest assured He can handle any sickness that might come against you. You’re just one person. Healing you of anything is easy for God! For Him to do it, however, you need to give Him something to work with.

What do you have to give Him?
Faith! Not just a vague kind of hope that everything will turn out all right. But real, Bible faith based on God’s Word. The kind of faith that makes you bold enough to believe and say,“As surely as it was God’s will to heal the Israelites, it’s His will to heal me. So I believe I receive my healing now.

In Jesus’ Name, I AM HEALED! – G. Copeland


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