On the Fruits of The Holy Spirit

Yesterday I was reading an entry in a book about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I had heard about these fruits so many times before but there was something different about it this time. This time, I felt it in my spirit to pay closer attention and seek what these fruits mean for me. The fruits mean the work He will accomplish in my life is:

Love: He will show and help me see, feel and experience an extremely tender passionate affection of God for me.
Peace: He will free my mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, obsessions but instead help me to feel calm and untroubled in the midst of everyday struggles and trials.
Joy: He will give me great delight and gladness each waking day even if everything else seems to be screaming otherwise
Patience: He will teach and help me to endure during difficult times and things that appear to be misfortunes. He will help me persevere
Kindness: He will help me be more considerate of others
Goodness: To be well meaning to others
Faithfulness: To be true to my words, to be thorough in my work and to be loyal. I also see that as I do this for others, He will do the for me too.
Gentleness: To shun violence & be humble
Self-Control: Teach me to restrain my flesh and tongue when I am pushed to use it in a negative way or experience negative feelings.


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