Lessons on the way to great success

  1. Keep at it
  2. Be diligent
  3. Stop looking outward & look within yourself to bring out your own personality
  4. Be mentally awake, diligent. Put your best into every day
  5. Always seek to improve yourself
  6. Allow no day to go by in which you have not improved yourself
  7. Remember to associate with people who have won, those who help you climb to the top. Don’t hang around with a group of “has beens.” Associate with the men who are climbing up
  8. If you have a gift, no matter what it is, make that gift stand out until men will admire it. Then someone will want to pay the price for it
  9. Your words make you a blessing or a curse
  10. Never repeat scandal. Never repeat the calamity of things
  11. Be a real contributor to your age. Don’t just exist
  12. The secret of winning is action
  13. Because words register in your heart and after they have registered, they take control of your life. Speak good words. Words of faith, encouragement, positivity, kindness & love
  14. Form habits of study, habits of industry. Form the habit of concentration, downright hard thinking.
  15. Give to every task your best; get the habit of doing fine work. Make each job better than the last

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