Information Everywhere

*This is an old draft dusted from the archives and somehow made it to light today*

When you hear the word YouTube, what comes to mind? Wait let me guess, funny videos, laughing babies, cat videos, music videos, Nigerian movies, short clips… Yea I thought so…

Since the popularity of the Internet things have really changed. The introduction of portable computers and now smartphones and oh yes innovative software have really reshaped the way we perform certain actions and have also transformed the ‘normal’ process of doing  things.

Today, we have access to information just as we have access to the air we breath. We have become this higly connected society and as with all good things, there are the bad things and in this case information overload, but that is not the focus of my writing today. Today I want to just talk a little about how we can use these various sources of information to our good and get past the silly or fun things they are mostly used for.

How I used to ace a graduate school exam

You may not believe me when I say that watching a couple of clips on Youtube helped me ace and exam. Yes! an A. It was finals and the last half of the semester for a course that did not make much sense to me. To make matters worse, we didn’t have a textbook for the course, the professor wasn’t exactly the kind to explain concepts very clearly, everyone else in the class didn’t really have a grip on the topics and so there I was falling back unto my last resort Google. After a couple of searchs on the topics I wanted to study, I was still not satisfied with what I found. I wanted some human explanation, some sort of visual aid to make more sense of stuff I already knew and at that point, I decided to turn to Youtube. I saw a couple of vids and thankfully, I found 90% of the topics I needed to study for. The explanations were super clear. One user even used animations to explain the topics.

At the end of it all, I said to myself, wow! I actually learned about 2 months of class stuff in a couple of hours for ‘free’! And I asked so why do we still go to class? (of course I’m not saying going to school isn’t necessary anymore)

From this, I realized that you really don’t need to fly miles across the ocean seeking a good education. With software such as iTunes,, Khan Academy, you can be a Stanford or MIT student, without actually paying the hefty fees.

You can attend business classes with other Harvard students right from the comfort of your home.

As we continue to advance and create more tools and means of connecting the world, excuses to be much better and knowledgeable than we already are diminish greatly.


3 thoughts on “Information Everywhere

  1. I approve of what you’re saying; Information is now accessible to us straight away. That’s exceedingly beneficial, but so is it unpleasant at times. Because too much of anything does cause problems.

    I once came across a quote on the internet (which I totally agree with):
    “Taking information of the internet, is like taking a drink, off a fire hydrant.”

    In today’s age, we need online/software tools analogous to Youtube, KhanAcademy etc. for managing the information coming through the internet.

    I’ve just recently written about this, I think you’ll find it interesting:

    – Sherbaz Khan

    1. you are very right. the amount of information we have now is amazing but at the same time, it can be a disadvantage if we don’t know how best to handle it.
      Thanks for your comment!

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