The Joys of Friendships

The Joys of friendships

– Saying what’s on your mind without feeling ashamed. Not worrying if whatever you say makes you vulnerable.

– Knowing that what you say won’t be used against you sometime in the future

– Talking long hours into the night about anything and everything.

– Rebukes you respectfully when you do wrong

– Not being afraid to free fall because you know they would be there to catch you and nurse any pain when you land

– Cries with you, laughs with you

– Keeps you in their thoughts and prayers whenever you are apart

– Listens to your crap at the dead of the night even though they need to sleep badly

– Isn’t afraid to say I’m sorry

– Loves every bit of you. The silly side, the serious side, the smart side, the not so smart side…

… The Joys of Friendships …


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