Social Media Rehab Program

As much as anyone would hate to admit it, a whole bunch of us are addicted to social media and sadly, I think I am starting to walk down that road too. We wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is pick up our phones and start tweeting or facebooking away and it becomes an excuse for lazying about in bed and keeping the alarm on permanent snooze.. lol. So I picked up a book title Focus by Leo Babauta and so far it has been great. The ideas and tips are very simple and with a bit of determination and disciple, one should be able to put the urge to always be online under control and instead, live more ‘real’ lives with ‘real’ people, making ‘real’ connections.

A few tips from this book are:

1. No social networking right before bed. Rather read a chapter or two of a book
2. No social networking or email checking as soon as you wake up. Instead drink a cup of tea or sit in silence thinking/meditating/praying.
3. During hours of work (as long as your work does not require the use of social media) turn off all social media notifications and use full screen when working on a document or some assignment that doesn’t require Google searches.
4. Slow down… Stop from time to time everyday to take in deep breaths and embrace the wonders of the world around you. This helps you gain beter focus on what is more important and re-energizes you whatever is ahead.

I enjoyed reading this book and I still read it from time to time to serve as a reminder that life exists outside the 1s and 0s of my smartphone.


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