New Year, Refined Me?

HAPPY NEW YEAR -2012 Jax Fireworks
Image by Krazy Diamond via Flickr

Happy New Year Everyone!!! 🎉
It’s nice to be alive and kicking this beautiful Jan 1st 2012… Wow, think about it, the year 2012, pretty neat. I remember when I was in primary school and the thought of the year 2000 anything was too far off to be alive for but here we are, in the year 2012. I’m pumped! 🙂

Okay, so last year I did not make any new year resolutions, same thing this year. I didn’t even do any reflective thinking per say this year! I guess after a while at some point in your life, resolution making becomes more of a burden/guilt nursing and you finally admit to yourself that it’s a bunch of to-do lists you never attend to or even think about till sometime late November or a few days to Christmas.

At lot of things happened in the year 2011, I saw myself grow from a girl to a lady (the word woman still scares the shit outta me) understanding myself and the world around me a little more, I met wonderful and brilliant people through Twitter,  deactivated my Facebook account (have not looked back since), I learned to work on my ego and be more active in maintaining relationships with my friends and discovered how to be more productive during the day thereby allowing me to quit my late night habits and stay healthy (still waiting on the missing 2″ from my hips to grow back tho 😒). Uww uww, and yea, attended my first auto show!

Tech wise, I finally laid my 1st gen iPhone to rest and got with the times with an iPhone 4, got my heart seriously wounded by the iPhone 4S saga and finally broken by the news of Steve Jobs death (may his soul rest in peace). I also saw Amazon step up with the Kindle Fire, Google bury failed apps (wave -which I really liked-, buzz, etc.), improve and expand awesome apps (search, gmail, places, maps), Apple & Samsung slug it out, Jony Ive become a Knight, lots of cyber crimes, etc etc. (whew! a lot happened last year!)

So this year, as I lay in bed at 1:39AM MST, I thought to myself how do I keep the good stuff rolling? How do I tackle the areas I did not quite get right last year? And then I had an idea! Why not have a theme for each month! Instead of trying to change or fix so many things at once, why not take it step by step at a slower rate and keep a log too. (everyone likes to keep logs, it gives us a sense of achievement)

At the moment I have just two themes in mind:
Month 1: keep the productivity magic going. For me this is waking up earlier than usual to start my day and going to bed before 12am and while I work, no stopping till the work is complete.

Month 2: be more creative with my wardrobe. Let in the colors and bold pieces

I am sure you get the gist by now. Keep it simple and if possible one change/”improve me” task per month. And while you do this, please be real with yourself. If you know deep down you are not going to be faithful to the task *cough* working out *cough* don’t bother adding it.
So guys, resolution or no resolution, make this year awesome 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Year, Refined Me?

  1. I stopped making resolutions years ago mostly because I heard it sucked to do that. Didn’t have much trouble sticking to my resolutions and I had two of them – the one my mum made my brothers and I write and a personal one:-)

    Having a monthly focus is a really good idea. I think I’ll resurrect the ghreads twitter account and keep up with the book-a-month campaign. You can suggest any good books or long essays that focus on Africa.

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