Guess who is on Polyvore? :)

Over the weekend, I got a sexy pair of bright pink jeans (yea, pink, not a very easy color to work with) and so after I ran out of style options, I asked for some help from a follower on Tumblr and boy did she help. After I went through her suggested collection, I found myself hooked on Polyvore and ended up creating an account for myself. Do check out her full collection on Polyvore – Adore My Curves and on tumblr – Heart Soul and Curves

I love Polyvore because I get to play around with my wardrobe without actually messing my room up, I get to explore, go out of my comfort zone, make all my mistakes before actually putting any of the clothes on and stepping out of the house, saving me a lot of time! Below is my latest set.

All Grown Up

Lifentimez on Polyvore


One thought on “Guess who is on Polyvore? :)

  1. Nice collection. I thought briefly about why there isn’t something like this for men but the answer quickly popped into my male mind, “you won’t use it!” LOL.

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