Soda Magic

The salon/nail studio/spa etc is where it all goes down. You get to hear different gists as well as different bizarre things and today’s time out at the salon wasn’t any different. From the talkative hair dresser to the chatty clients, the experience is the same everywhere.
Last weekend I finally took out my braids & thanks to the holiday, I got to push my trip to the salon to Monday. So here I am in the salon, the hair drier (the lady said her hand drier blew 😦 ) frying the life out of my scalp but you know what they say: “beauty is pain” and in the midst of all the pain and the twitching, my ears couldn’t help but hear the current gist going on between a client and the rest of the people in the salon. A woman was talking about how soda water helps cure malaria. I went hun!!! Soda water cures malaria? how? Since when? How come my biology teacher didn’t fill me in on this? Then another clients gets so interest in this remedy and starts asking questions upon questions about it; informing us that she she doesn’t like malaria drugs and she is willing to try it out. This was one of the numerous conversations that went on that day…
The long and short of it all is that we should all be careful about “remedies” we try out. Question the remedy. How does it work? what is the active ingredient? any side effect? Lots of folks have taken ill, destroyed some part of their systems or even died as a result of these “remedies”.


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