Every Girl’s Must Have Weapon – Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a fragrance every lady should own no matter her age. By spring of this year, 2011, another version of this fragrance Daisy – Eau So Fresh on the left in the picture below was released. Daisy Eau So Fresh is a lighter version of the original Daisy (shown on the right). It is a little more floral than the original and so very suitable for people who like to wear very light scented perfume. Even with the lightness, the scent still lingers on for hours after application and so should last you a couple for months if you aren’t into always buying new perfumes.

Why this fragrance is a winner… (aside from the beautiful bottle and lovely cover with rubber daisies  on it).

1. You instantly smell like a goddess (No, like for real, you do. Believe me)

2. It is suitable for women of all ages though most people would say it maybe more suitable for younger people but I believe ladies in their late 30s and up 40s can still rock this scent if they choose to.

3. The scent lasts all day and so you don’t have to apply a lot each time. (Although in my opinion, the Daisy original lasts over a day)

4. The scent isn’t too over the top feminine like some other perfumes, so if smelling all girlie girlie isn’t your kind of thing, you have got a best friend here.

5. Its Daisy by Marc Jacobs! What could be better?!? 🙂

My Verdict? Must Buy.



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