Getting Your Bling On

Women are very interesting and blessed creatures. Somewhere in my mind I believe they are the reason the world keeps moving and spinning faster and faster each generation. Women always want to know or have the next best thing no matter how frivolous it is and it looks like the next vain craze might be diamond contact lenses! Everyone scream yay!

The diamond lens started in India and is heavier than regular contacts. They cost a wonderful sum of $15,000 and so far, there are mixed feeling towards the lens. The questions asked by people are how realistic and safe is this lens? How wearable is it? Is it going to be comfortable? And really, is it worth the price?

No matter how crazy it may sound, I must admit that it is tempting 🙂 Imagine blinking your eyes and as your eyelids slowly rise, there is this light/glow coming out of your eyes. Imagine how magnetic your eyes become. Everyone that looks at your eyes gets locked in and if they stare long enough, they might just see your soul! No one will ever never notice you.

Check out the link below on the full story posted by Shine-Yahoo and feel free to share your reactions right here in the comments section.

Diamond Contact Lenses


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