+1 for Vivienne Westwood

I am not much of a shoe person especially when it comes to heels. I am totally fine with flats or sandals any day anytime but one shoe has caught my fancy and that is the Anglomania Lady Dragon Shoes Red Heart by Vivienne Westwood. As soon as I set my eyes on it in my sister’s wardrobe, I fell in love immediately.

The body of the shoe is made of rubber and the heart made of metal. Even with the rubber body, it does not feel too rubbery and it is pretty comfortable. The heel length is very comfortable and so makes it a shoe you can rock to work and spend long hours in (as long as you buy the right size) but what I love the most about this gorgeous shoe is how it instantly dresses up any look and makes you look and feel pretty.

The shoe comes in different colors and designs by replacing the heart metal with a large disco looking ball on the top and the other with a cherry. My verdict? It is a must buy.

Lady Dragon Red Heart In Action

2 thoughts on “+1 for Vivienne Westwood

    1. Yes Chrissie, they are fabulous! Grab a pair if you ever get the chance to. You won’t be disappointed…
      Thanks for dropping by blog too. Hope to see you around.

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