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Some ladies fail to realize that a mini dress isn’t everything.

If you are hot, you are hot. You don’t need an insane mini dress or skirt to prove you are hot. You could be in long military style bootleg pant (preferably with gold buttons) and a lovely ruffled neck top and still look like the morning sun shining through the blinds of a beach house.

Some also fail to accept that a mini dress isn’t for them. The same way some chics can’t get away with dip V-neck tops, some ladies can’t get away with short dresses too!

Don’t be a blind follower of fashion trends or wear whatever you see *Beyonce in. Remember she is Beyonce, you are you. So whenever you put something on, take a look at yourself in the mirror and sincerely ask yourself “will Beyonce be caught dead looking like this?” or “If Beyonce wore this and looked like this, will I ever consider putting it on?”

Moral of the story?

Dress according to your body type and needs! Remember not all beauty is external (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what you wear)…

*Note: Beyonce is used loosely here. It represents other celebrities and things people blindly copy off the runway.


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