Valen Gini?*

Victorian Valentine's Day Card
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So once again valentines day is upon us. I didn’t think I would be writing anything but the chain of thoughts that lead to this just had me itching to put things down. So here I am writing about valentines day.

I have never really been a big fan of vals day. Not that I’m against it or anything like that, I just think the day is irrelevant. That is also not to say if you gave me a gift I would decline or if my boyfriend brought me breakfast in bed I would reject it or not appreciate the gesture but I still think the day is not necessary. (You shouldn’t wait for vals day to send a gift ;))
When I was much younger, my argument was “why must one day be dedicated to people showing their affection to one another? Why not everyday? Ok ok if not everyday, at least more often than most couple currently do…

Sadly as I was writing this post, I got interrupted and lost my train of thought. It kinda pissed me off because it was one of those posts that hit you from no where and makes you just wanna write it all down before it goes away… But as I tried so hard to trace my way back to what I was going to say, another question came to mind. What is love? What we call love today is it really love? What people (well technically not every single person since some people may truly be celebrating ‘love’) celebrate on valentines day is it really love? Also think about this: When was that second, that moment in time cupid shot you in the back of your head and you realized that you were in love with that person? (Could help you appreciate the person more and the reason for being together)

As you folks celebrate valentines day, don’t just think about the idea of love you want to get or the mindless sex or the things you are expecting your other to get you but think about the true meaning of love. It’s selfless nature, its ability to forgive even in the toughest of times, how patient it is, the humility it exhibits, how it puts others first, its uplifting nature for both the receiver & giver… Think about this, have you really been showing love? Not just to your other or to yourself but to the people around you.

*Gini – Igbo term which means ‘What’


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