Little Moments…

I’m sitting here reading a book titled Freakonomics and I just couldn’t help but enjoy the simple act of flipping the pages with my fingers.
I am a gadget freak… I consider them my toys. In my younger days, while my mates were walking around with cassette players, I preferred to own a disc man, while they were busy playing hide and seek or watching Tv (don’t get me wrong, I watched TV too. Also used to wake up at 6am just to catch early morning Saturday cartoons), I was busy learning how to use MS-DOS and creating newspaper like documents in DOS but in all the excitement and love for tech, somethings are still better enjoyed without technology. Like having face to face conversions with people; seeing the joy/sadness/excitement/shyness in their eyes, taking a walk down the street, handwritten notes, hand drawings, etc…
The simple act of flipping a page of my book reminded me of moments I read books on the iPad and I could not help but compare the feeling of ‘flipping’ 1’s and 0’s to flipping the pages of my book. For me it creates some sort of interaction/ more involving experience. It feels as though each flip is following the author closely…

Although the sales data of e-books vs hardcover books say otherwise, for me as I sit here, I can’t help but enjoy the simple act of feeling the pages with my fingers and flipping them over. It’s like being more in touch with things around you and experiencing feelings some people may never have.

This is no debate about which mode of reading is better or more effective, rather it is just trying not to loose touch or keeping in touch with the feelings you get when you leave tech behind and be more involved with the world.


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