Because you only live once. (via Dot.Doodle.Do.)

A post by a fellow WordPress blogger. It says the things that we all feel and yearn to do and so I’m re-blogging it and sharing it with you guys.

Because you only live once.

There is a yearning to do something. A hope to be someone someday. A reason to be remembered when you leave this world. A reason to be loved and admired. There is a real thirst to be known as someone who is capable. A need to feel free. A need to break the chains and fly. A spark in life, a reason to live, to enjoy life, to feel that you belong and you gave something back.It’s difficult, to make our own ways in life,while people have expectations from you, people want something back, people make decisions for you, sometimes you are not in control of yourself, you are just a wanderer, looking for temporary happiness to make your each day seem worthwhile.

There is certainly one thing I have learned in life, that making your own decisions, using your own mind will get you somewhere, otherwise you will just be an anonymous in the crowd. Follow your dreams.

My dream is to be a well-known writer, someone who wrote beautifully, someone who can grasp people’s heart. I want to write fiction, I want to create a beautiful tale, that could maybe distract us from the chaotic displays of this world and lets us imagine something more magical. I hope I will achieve my goals with God’s guidance and be someone who stood out in the crowd.

via Dot.Doodle.Do. (Check it out)


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