The gains of social media?

Over the Christmas holiday my cousins and I were chatting and the story about some dude that made a hit on youtube came up. A man broke into his house and tried to rape his sister but sadly the man got away. The incident was featured on local news with the guy relaying his side of the story and anger but turns out the news feature became a hit song on youtube! The situation was not funny but the youtube clip was!

A few weeks later, I found out a TV series is in the works for him and he got a chance to perform his youtube hit at the BET!!

I find this really interesting because it goes to show the power of social media. It is no longer just a way to share info or get in touch with people but it can transform lives positively and negatively [check out the story of the girl that fell into the fountain at the mall while texting].

I could go into details on gains of social media but naaa just enjoy the clip!

watch the news clip below:

watch the hit clip:

To read the full story on his tv series check out:


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