New Found Love: DIY

In the mist of the stress, tiredness, unending chapters of my textbook, I still managed to take a walk to the salon yesterday hoping I would get my nails done. In preparation for this, I called the salon around 9:30am asking if the nail technician would be available and would be able to work on my nails. The receptionist said yea she would but would be coming in around 12pm. Ok I said, thank you and hung up. 1:00pm I left for the salon, getting there, i was informed the nail techy wasn’t in yet. I rolled my eyes in my mind. They called her and she said she would be in, in about 25mins. I said ‘cool’ and decided to wait. 30mins later, the techy called saying she would not be able to make it. I was mad inside but for some reason, I kept my cool as I was thinking about the number of pages I could have read or the calculations I could have spent my time understanding. They apologized and offered me a discount if I came back some other day to get it done. I turned it down telling them I would not be coming back and I left. Unknown to me, my silver lining was forming in the sky.

The next day, which is today, I went to the store to pick up a few items. Stopped by the beauty section, picked out a Sally Hansen French Manicure set and a few rows away, was lying my new love. the last one too. It was a simple do it at home gel extension kit (apparently gel is supposed to be better than acrylic extensions). Although I was not sure if it was a good buy (considering it could be a waste of money, horrible product, etc…) I decided to give it a try.

Got home settled in and decided to give the kit a try, and I must say I am pretty satisfied. Also, I have saved about  $18 in the short-term and much more money in the long-term because now, I would not have to visit a salon just to get my nails done for $30.

The end result of my DIY project is pretty good. Can’t believe I did it myself… lol… Hopefully, over time would get much better with practice. 🙂

The End Result...

Now to add some glitter! Hope I don’t mess it up 😀


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