A Tribute

Woke up the morning of the 13th and received a scare. I don’t think I have been that worried or upset in a while. I was told you have gone away. Gone away to a place we wish you didn’t. I hoped it wasn’t true, I prayed it wasn’t true, darn! I wanted it to be a very bad joke that had gone extra sour, I wanted it to be April’s fool day in December but the news won’t go away.

The next day, the news still lingered. Hours passed by, more and more people kept sharing it. Days passed by and still no one had said it was a prank or gist that got corrupted along the line… It was horrible, it is horrible… I still don’t want to believe you are gone, Genie…

Sitting here with loads of memories gushing… I remember the funny things you did back in school, you last minute moves on school work :), your free spirit, photo booth moments…. That pc cleaning tip you taught me . Funny, every time I use the tip I remember you….

Its been five days now but every time I am reminded of your departure, it breaks my heart all over again.

Although all we have of you are memories, pictures (oh boy! have we got those =] ) and videos, It’s never going to be the same as having you here with us.

My words can never fully express how much you will be missed.

On earth, away from earth, sweetie you will always remain in out hearts.

Rest In Peace Genie…


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