Grinding Gears

Family Guy is one of my favorite shows. The punchlines and the way the characters pass across silent messages is just hilarious… I remember an episode where Peter Griffin was upset and laid out all the things that grinds his gears. Today, its my turn!

You know what grinds my gears?
The guy in front of me driving like he owns the road and all other people must drive behind him and at his own pace!

You know what also grinds my gears?
– The lady behind the desk that cannot seem to hide her frustration about her job even after she sees a customer walk up to her, greet her nicely and even give a smile! Her grumbling attitude, her “hurry up and leave me alone” face… tsk! tsk!

– Having to wake up around 4am to get to a job that starts at 8am

– Calling customer care and told to hold for about 5mins+ while my credit is burning only to not get what I wanted!

– Good looking guys, I mean drop dead gorgeous guys you want to rip apart that declare themselves gay.. I mean what is that!? Such waste of ‘item(s)’…

– Guys trying to woo a girl with lines from like 1995… Get with the times! its 2010! (actually approximately 2011, so there should be an update to the pick up lines software soon)

You know what else grinds my gears?

Boy meets girl,

Boy talk chao, girl get all wushy inside

Boy & girl start dating(relationship.. wateva)

Boy & girl shag all freaking day long, morning, night, afternoon, whenever (sadly shagging gets boring and played out, then the drama starts…)

What the heck is that? Don’t call it a relationship, call it something else, partnership, contract, mutual bond, anything!

Then girl doesn’t bother to wear clothes anymore. Shag time or not. Please, please ladies there is no fun in being nude or half nude 24/7 around the man… Even though he has been tapping that junk, and has seen all there is to it, the element of undressing and getting down to business still has its perks.

Watch out for part two…


One thought on “Grinding Gears

  1. lmho @ the gay thingy – but u r right o…..

    as for me what grinds my gears is people making a big deal out of little issues!!!! charle life is too short to worry over little things….

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