Taking the Plunge

Fear is the number one killer of all things that could be great and enjoyable. In fact let me ask you a question. Raise you hand if you have ever put off something you really wanted to do or have just because of fear and not for any other reason? Yes, yes, I see that hand, there’s another one… Great! That is step one to facing your fear. Acknowledging that the fear is present and not lying to yourself that it does not exist.

There are so many things in life we have missed just because we are afraid. The sad thing is, this fear starts from one area in our lives and begins to creep into other areas and before we know what is happening, we get locked down in one spot and wonder how everyone else is moving along.

This is not meant to be a lengthy post on fear but just to say that, whatever you are scared of, no matter the level, take the plunge! Start with the little fears and work your way to the top and before you know what is going on, you wonder where the new you has been hiding :).

There is just something about facing your fear or doing something you would not do on a normal day. A feeling of accomplishment, progress, confidence that makes you do even more and push the current limits you think you have reached.

I used to be scared of going to grad school. I worried so much about how I was going to cope in class with all the grown ups and people who had working experiences of so many years. Fortunately for me it wasn’t something I could push aside or eliminate because I knew one day, I would have to face it. So I braced myself, prayed, packed my bag and headed to school. Now that I am in the process, it is not as scary as it seems. I mean it is a very doable thing once you set your mind straight and focus and like Steve Jobs said “Get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.”

Facing that fear and other ones, has made it much easier to take on other things. (Like finally going to the gym and not relying on stress to fight off the weight gain :D). It also makes you feel better about yourself and your abilities. It gives you the strength to try new things out, work on the part of you that is weak or you feel cannot be better.


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