Is This Globalization too?

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I watch a whole lot of American TV series. I mean a lot (eyes rolling)… Different kinds too. Medical, chic flick, comedy, law, cartoon etc. but lately I have started to notice something. Something I am not too excited about. Most of these shows are starting to feel like Nigerian movies! (no offense my people… just saying) my gosh! The story lines for each episodes are either becoming too predictable or have annoying loop holes. I mean look at the show “How I met you mother”, or “Ugly Betty” or “Legend of the seeker” (My gosh! I almost bled tears watching that thing. FYI.. was to bored to stop. I had to either die of boredom or cry bloody tears…) even one of my favorite shows Gossip Girl is guilty of this crime sometimes. Look at the show House. How do people manage to sit through to season 6! For pit sake, he is going to be arrogant as usual, piss off everybody, frustrate his interns, almost kill the patient and then come up with a solution at the last minute.

All these shows do not cut it for me anymore. Hollywood what is going on? Recession affecting you? Take a look at Heros. The story just took a 360 degree spin for the worse. By the way does anyone still watch that thing? (I hope not).

Right now I am searching for TV shows with some meaning and a lot less loop holes and predictable story lines. Series I can learn something from, no matter how trivial it is. Send in your nominations! 🙂


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