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Sometime around this time last year something really strange started on Facebook. Girls all over world were updating their status to things like “Black”, “Animal Print”, “Polka Dot”. According to them, this was meant to be someway to draw the attention of their friends (males more like) to the killer disease breast cancer by saying the color of the bra they had on at the moment. I have no freaking idea how they thought that would work out but a whole bunch of them joined the band wagon and put up this crazy status update.

Fast forward, same time following year, these chics are back but with a new status update of “I Like it …. <someplace>” apparently this year’s theme is saying where they like to keep their purse. Yeessss people, where they like to keep their purse. (Don’t worry I am as shocked as you are) For goodness sake ladies! how does liking the location of your purse relate to breast cancer! How does it even spread the word about breast cancer?

Seriously, who starts these things. Someone or a group of people sit down, come up with the “wonderful” idea and it catches on like SARS! My goodness! Babes if you want to help raise awareness for a disease, at least let it make sense. Let it spread the actually news and dangers of the disease and not just spread unrelated news and wasting your office bandwidth on Facebook in the name of raising awareness for a disease.

So in the spirit of the month and my own little way of actually spreading the news, please look up the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website for loads of information about the disease, how you can help protect yourselves and others you care about (hey! boyfriend I am talking to you to. Your girlfriend has boobs you know and so do you!)


Also for those of you who like to shop online, you can buy items at:


to help give to charities related to the fight against breast cancer


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