The Psych Up

Anything after my first degree was a big NO NO… My plan was to get my secondary school leaving certificate, get into a good university, get my degree, get married, hump my heart out on my honeymoon, rear kids / work and continue life. At the age of about 13 this was the perfect plan I had in my head. There was nothing that could beat it. (After all isn’t it how life plays out?) Until one day my dad called me and told me of how he wanted me to get a Masters degree, a PhD and if possible anything after that. All of a sudden I saw my dreams crashing one step at a time. Like a stack of beer cans that had be shot at. It was the most horrid thing I had heard in a while and I was screaming a big nooooooooooooo in my head but outwardly had the perfect “I totally agree” with you look. After the heart to heart talk with my dad, I went to my mum and told her of the horrible suggestion my dad just raised and she started laughing. She asked why I didn’t want to get a second degree and my answer was “its hard!” and besides I am not looking to be a professor or something like that. I mean I am gladly going to get a BSc and with that I should be fine. I have it all worked out. As a mum, she said “Oh you would be fine besides its a good idea”. So ever since that day I have been preparing myself psychologically for the great day when I would start grad school. Flash forward some 8 years later I don’t think I am completely psyched up…


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