A sense of normalcy

We all like to think we are normal (at least in one way or the other) especially when we come across people or situations that are not tagged as ‘normal’. Somewhere in our subconscience, we thank our stars that we are not in such situations or not like those people.

I always saw myself as ‘normal’. Good eyes, straight nose, nice lips, strategically placed beauty spots etc. until yesterday when I paid a little visit to the dentist. This visit was supposed to be a quick one just to fulfill all righteousness and as it turned out, it was much more than a visit.

I went to the dentist for the first time ever yesterday because the wisdom tooth in my left upper jaw was biting against the wall of my mouth because: 1. The tooth on the lower jaw wasn’t out and 2. I thnk it wasn’t properly aligned (don’t quite remember what the dentist said) and also some other tooth works, fillings and all…

So I did the registration, did a check and the dentist said I needed an X-ray because she cannot find the corresponding tooth on the lower jaw and she just wants know what is going on in there. I said okay (I mean what else could I have said? I was curious too). We move to the room, I lay down, open up wide and she says stay still, relax your tongue so it doesn’t hurt. My head went “so it doest Hurt! What do you mean hurt? Isn’t an X-ray just a snapshot? Where does pain come into play?” meeennn I was freakn out! So I told her to give me a sec to take a deep breath and relax.

So blablabla…. We were back to the examination room and she was checking out the X-ray. After a while, she started to shake her head. In my head, I started freaking out. Again! “why is she shaking her head? oh no, oh no, that can’t be a good sign”. Finally she speaks out, “it’s more interesting than I thought. You have got 9 teeth!” then I burst out laughing… Then more interesting news came as she showed me the X-ray trying to explain it. She said the extra tooth is on top of another tooth, they are both in the jaw bone and may/may not come out. And hopefully they would not come out, if not she may have to call a Surgeon to take them both out. And then I said to myself “so much for being normal 😦 “. At that point I paused on tagging myself as “normal” because what else could be odd about me? What else could even be odd about anyone else?

At the end of the visit, I got my upper tooth extracted 😦 and have been tilting my head so as to make sure I don’t get any food into the hole and to enable the site heal properly… Also I have to get fillings, what do you guys think? Gold, silver or enamel fillings?

Have you also ever had an experience that made you doubt your normalcy?


One thought on “A sense of normalcy

  1. hahahahahha……..
    Interesting revelation, i must say.
    I guess dat gives u a clue of who is out and who is in your league……lol
    Av u seen dat movie? “She’s out of my league”.
    You should!!!!!

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