Its Never Been Easier

I am a Christian and I am proud to say it. Although my entire lifestyle doesn’t quite tally with the statement, I try hard to increase the percentage I am at now but that is not the talk for today.

Many of us Christians struggle from time to time to read the bible. One day we have this wake up call from someones else’s experience, we get moved by the Sunday sermon, or our Spirit just pricks us and reminds us of how long ago it has been we feasted on the bible or even glanced at it. The next day we are back to square one. Some of us have bibles on our phones but still we rarely open it even during the church service. We have different excuses for not reading it with number one reason being time. Time to sit/lie (whatever) down to take a few minutes to learn, arm or remind ourselves of the Word of God.

I am a culprit and I have been silently trying to find a way around this problem. Today God delivered my answer in MP3 format! yessss MP3. One of the managers in my office got a MP3 disc set of the bible from Genesis – Revelations. I know audio bibles are nothing new but I believe its my chance to fight this battle. The reason why I liked this particular one is because the audio files are read by actors, pastors, Emmy/Oscar/Grammy award winners, etc and there are sound effects too! which makes listening fun and more captivating. For instance I listened a bit to the book of Genesis while testing out the CD for him and during the narration of the story of creation, the effect of birds chirping were included, the splashing and sound of waves and other sounds could be heard and they draw you close to the story and make you feel you are part of the it. I like to think of it as 3D effect for audio 😀

CD Set Cover

So long and short of the story is that I hope and pray this audio disc would help me stay in tune more frequently with the bible since I can listen to it on my iPhone, in the car and on my laptop and If you come across this cd (The Bible Experience: The Complete Bible) or any other of its  kind give it a try. There no law that says you must read the bible from print. If you can’t read it, listen to it! 🙂


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