Discrimination 2

You may remember the earlier post on Discrimination, where we discussed some of the factors which we thought should NOT be used to discriminate in choosing a mate. Now I want to find out some of the factors which SHOULD be used to discriminate when choosing a mate.

A friend of mine recently told me he’s in love with someone of a different faith. He doesn’t want to proceed because of that. So I ask, should religious faiths be a discriminating factor?

I know a man who got married to someone with sickle cell disease. It’s not been an easy marriage as she’s had different crises over the time period. Another friend is also going out with a lady with uncorrected heart problems. Is all this a recipe for heartbreak? Should health be a discriminating factor?

You’ve also probably heard of hereditary diseases which come about because both parents are carriers of a particular gene. Sickle cell being the most common in West Africa. Should this also be a discriminating factor?

I can imagine meeting a guy and there’s mutual attraction. Then before he asks you out, you go to the hospital for all the tests for the common hereditary diseases. If the future doesn’t look bright then you go your separate ways before any commitments have been made. Seems sooooo…..unnatural.

So readers, fill me in. What are the things you would absolutely not negotiate on? The ones you would discriminate with and still be proud?


One thought on “Discrimination 2

  1. Hahhahaha!
    Funny….But 4 real, dis is becoming an issue.
    I have both a personal experience and those from friends. My aunt has made health issues d number 1 priority..u knw like Blood groups and non-curable diseases…and all
    Well here’s my device….hw abt we attach our blood groups to our names like titles…e.g. Hi, my name is……..and am “AA”…hw abt u?…lol
    Jus teasing but like you said sumtins are jus not good as discriminating factors otherwise life would be soooo unnatural!!!!

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