I See You

I finally got around to watching Avatar this weekend. My thoughts?


When it first came out, there was so much hype around it, I felt I would have unrealistic expectations and only be disappointed if I watched it. This wasn’t helped by a friend telling me it was just a glamourized re-make of Pocohantas. In truth, maybe it was. But I liked it. Especially Pandora.

That was like some paradise getaway. Hanging rocks…with waterfalls on them…exotic animals. It looked awesome. I can only imagine the background work that went into making that scenery a reality. We really have come quite a distance with technology to be able to render worlds with such reality.

So when I think about how far we’ve come over the last fifty years with electronics and technology, and the rate at which technology has progressed, it doesn’t seem improbable at all that in 2154 (the year in which the events of Avatar take place) we would be able to create living bodies and transfer our consciousness to that body. Truth be told, I can’t wait to see this world in fifty years.

I watched another movie this weekend that, while a very good movie, did not leave me feeling very positive. The movie is “Unthinkable”. Without attempting to spoil the movie, the plot is basically an interesting take on that morally ambiguous philosophical question: A bomb is set to detonate in a city. Many people will lose their lives. You have a suspect who you believe to possess information on where to locate the bomb and/or how to defuse it. However the suspect is not cooperating. Will you torture the suspect in order to get the information needed to save many lives?

Some of you might say no. But what if 2 million lives are on the line? Or 15 million? I’m sure there are many who would justify the sacrifice of one person’s rights to save the lives of many. Especially if this person is in all likelihood the cause of the terror about to happen. But here’s a twist on our question:

What if all methods of torture are proving futile at eliciting any information from this suspect. But you have family members of the suspect in your custody. The family members are completely innocent of the plot. There is reason to believe the suspect loves these family members dearly. Would you torture these completely innocent family members if you believed it would get the suspect to talk?



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