My Sweet 16?

Umm I was going to write about something concerning nollywood but as I was browsing for some pictures, I came across an article that announced that the popular MTv show My Super Sweet 16 is coming to Nigeria. hmm I had lots of reaction to this news. As I write, I am not even sure which one to express first or how to even start…

For those who do not know the My Super Sweet 16 show, Its an American show where teenagers who are turning 16 aim to throw the biggest and best party ever while demanding huge things from their parents. Some demand celebrities to come perform, some just demand their presence. They also demand for the best food and have their friends killing themselves over invitations etc. At the end of the party their parents give them a gift of the latest cars or something in our culture we would deem as unnecessary for a sixteen year old. I saw this comment on wikipedia “One teen is seen screaming at her mother and saying she “hates” her after having received a new Lexus, costing $67,000 US, before the party.”

Looking at this, what do we hope to achieve by showcasing spoilt kids screaming their demands at their parents?

Another thing is, would this show work in Nigeria? Some may argue yes after all Nigerians take pride in flaunting their assets and showing off. I mean Ovation has made lots of money and still is from people  advertising their riches and extravagant ways of life. Some may argue no saying that with recent trends in the Nigerian government, the EFCC is like a roaring lion seeking the thieves to devour and the unnoticed ones to investigate. Also they may just be setting themselves up for a disaster with the sign saying “Oya o Oga Kidnapper I got shit loads of money to spend on my spoilt kid do you also want some of it?”

So what do you guys think? Should we entertain this show in Africa? Is it even going to work?

Drop your comment below…


One thought on “My Sweet 16?

  1. lol….well, i don’t know if it might work in Naija or not but what i asked myself after reading is – “is this program really necessary?”
    i have seen some episodes of the program – and since we africans like to copy the western culture blindly, i fear what the Naija teens will do when “My Super Sweet 16” is introduced..

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