That’s Whats Up!

Trends trends trends! Africans always want to engage in the latest trend especially Nigerians. We always want to drive the latest cars, buy the latest things, be seen in the latest fashion etc… We pride ourselves in doing what the white man does. The latest trend now unfortunately isn’t a good one.

Kidnapping is the in thing. If you are not a kidnapper or haven’t been kidnapped you don’t know whats up. It is very sad that we Nigerians & Africans do not know how & what western cultures to copy. We were just humble armed robbers, corrupt, selfish, greedy, short sighted etc but kipnappers? Demanding for outrageous ransoms?
At first it was white oil workers by the Niger-Delta militants because they felt they were not treated properly or their States taken care of since the wealth of the nation was from their region. Now people in the East have taken up this trend and citizens are been kidnapped with ransoms and exhobitant amounts are been demanded for. The morning news on the 22nd of July talked about the kidnap of the mother of an ex NFF [National Football Federation] staff and 200 millon naira($1,360,544) was been demanded for some days later about 8 journalists were kidnapped in Abia State and a ransom of two hundred & fifty million naira ($1,700,680) was demanded for. The poor journalists were in the hands of the criminals for seven days when the police finally rescued them on the eight day. It was such a delight here for the families of the journalists and the face of the nation. It helped to show that the police force is not so useless after-all.
Yesterday, on my way home, there was an announcement on the radio warning citizens of Lagos to be careful of the things they buy in traffic and especially fuel stations. They announced that there is a new criminal tactic of posing as hawkers or sales people and selling beautiful key holders but these key holders have a tracking device in it which they can use to trace you or follow you to a point where they would eventually rob you. My reaction? “Chineke!! What on earth won’t Nigerians do?” If only these people could use their brain power for positive things.

These are just a few of the crazy trends going on in the land right now. I wonder what is next…

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One thought on “That’s Whats Up!

  1. 4 real oh gurl!
    It beats ma imaginations wat Nigerians are capable of doin?
    But the end point is to what good has it been?
    I mean, if only we can be schooled on how efficient to use our resources, I bet Nigeria would be trailing behind India and China, in terms of development.
    But sha, wat can we say…….Jus becareful hw u spend ur life, cos u wud be accountable for evry bit of it.
    Gud 1 again, I must say.

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