Every Scratch Has a Story

This is a post I wrote a long time ago. I came across it today and it made me laugh. These days these things don’t tick me off as much but they are still quite irritating. So enjoy the post 🙂

I am starting to get really ticked off by these foolish & lawless people. Especially the okada guys who just borrow a bike and get on the road with no adequate or proper training on how to ride a motorcycle or even lessons on road rules! They squeeze their bloody selves into every little hole or space on the road. Not using their eyes and brains as if that’s not enough, the @#!**^$ illiterates that ride with them see the rider has done something wrong (or attempting something stupid & most times dangerous) they keep quiet & watch him be an ass and after the deed is done, they open their stupid mouths and bitch with the rider. Instead of either keeping shut or apologizing.
The second most annoying thing is passersby and hawkers knocking & tapping your car as they mingle through traffic. Why the hell are you hitting my car? Is it a toy? Or some object of public pleasure & exploration?
Hawkers shoving things in your face like that is gonna make you want to buy their unhygienic(ly) stored goods or their overly priced or expired goods. People staring into your car like they forgot something in there. So I conclude this place ain’t for me… I have been programmed, complied & tested, now I am certified as a responsible software. All these viruses are killing me. Trying to change system & registry files…
So I’m angry, I’m pissed, I’m furious and hand the car to the driver to take over because I just might run someone over. Switching to gospel tracks to calm me down. Hope it works…

You cannot own & drive a car in Lagos without a dent or a scratch (except if you drive it only in your compound! Or don’t drive it at all!). Every scratch has its story. The dented side, the bent the plate number, the cracked head lamp, the little scratch, the huge scratch, the bashed bumper, the broken side mirror.
Now horns are blaring behind us… Indicating to fly over the cars in front of us… Bus drivers also being the assholes that they are. Been in the 1st phase of the traffic which lasted for 30 mins.. Seeing the 2nd half in the distance ahead. Too pissed to perform my new ritual of buying a particular plantain chip(s).

Phase 2 of the traffic over. Hoping I don’t get into an unexpected one before phase 3&4..
Gospel music seems to be working now…
Good no traffic before phase 3…
So some 10 mins later, I am at phase 3 and yea there is traffic… Luks like a light one. Hopefully it is…traffic finally over some 17 mins later.. Other cars pass by and I see everyone with their own scar, with their story…
Finally I am home, my baby has been stressed, my baby has a scar. Now she rests in the drive way getting ready for tomorrows journey & prays for a better day…


One thought on “Every Scratch Has a Story

  1. 9ce piece.
    Luv the composition, perspective….out of the ordinary and dall.
    U shd publish dis hun!
    Its kinda classic towards the end.
    Luv it

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