The just ended World Cup was sensational. The hype and excitement before the tournament. The songs that were made, the 3D video of WAKA WAKA by Shakira & Freshly Ground, to the various games, Paris Hilton’s drug mix up etc etc… I am not a football fanatic or even a fan by any bit but truth be told, I kinda found the whole World Cup period interesting. The arguments, the bets, the names of players sports fan formed meanings for. E.g ‘Kaita’ to mean hinder, destroy and ‘Suarez’ to the monies telephone network providers made from their subscribers texting the team they thought would win and to the never ending Vuvuzela news! My God! has any instrument/toy bin hyped so much and hated so much 2? A friend even asked “When is the word Vuvuzela going into the dictionary!” šŸ™‚ but the focus of this post is not the wining team, or skills of the players, disappointments or my enjoyment or more likely the lack of it (sincerely, I got bored at some point.) but something I found rather …

I wake up one morning and all I hear about is someone that could predict the winner of a match. My initial reaction was like ‘eish!’ World Cup too? Doesn’t that take all the fun & excitement out of it?.Naturally, I just ignored the noise. Later on, I hear the predictor was an Octopus! What! an Octopus? As in a real Octopus? How on earth does that work? Digging deeper, I heard its name is Paul and it was also called the oracle octopus.

Paul the Octy

I burst out laughing… “umm these white people sef”. The prediction process was never clear to me until some nights ago when I decided to google it and guess what? the animal has its own Wiki Page… Reading through the page, I could not help but let out different expressions & phrases. The funny part was that the octopus was retiring and the thing has its own press release! Now people are going to the ‘oracle’ to ask for predictions of their spouses, kids and life…

Really I don’t even know how to handle or react to this. If I should see it as some sort of entertainment like a friend of mine or do it like we do it here label it hardcore “Juju!!” lol… What was your take on this gist when you heard it? Hit the comment link 2 drop yours.

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