Open Minds?

Where do we draw the line between been open minded and been just plain stupid or reckless. The notion or the idea of been open minded (I think) came from us trying to fit into social circles one way or the other no matter how we look at it. You may try to argue that “Naaa I do not keep an open mind just to fit in or to be accepted” but the truth is we really do! (Although I recognize that some people are brought up to be free spirited and to be open to things that come their way). Remember when you passed certain comments and people thought you were old fashioned or just plain naive or refusing to evolve with the times? Yaa! Those times… Over time you start to gradually adjust or tweak your opinions of certain subjects and before you know it, you profess yourself as an open minded person. As you grow older, you realize that some of the things your parents taught you or drummed into your ears do not exactly fit well in todays society and ‘culture’. You now try to judge people less, try to understand where they are coming from and probably adjust to their settings.

As you become an open minded person, you tend to gradually let what you feel is right or proper take a higher rank over whatever helped guide your life to this stage. E.g. religion, morals (from home [and/or] school), culture, etc. My question then arises. When or where do we draw the line between been opened minded and not faulting in our principles or what we believe in.

I come across blogs that tell young people that adjusting who you are to grab the attention of a wanted mate or partner is okay. Again I ask another question. What happens after you get that person? You keep adjusting? Maintain the adjustment? How long can you keep up the adjustment? You date the person, you break up for whatever reason, you find another ‘great’ person and then the adjustment program starts all over again. I know we have to adapt and contain some things people do and are used to but I believe we should contain those things because you know it is the true nature of the person and you are willing to live with it.

Some others in their open minded views tell you its okay to have a sex buddy and keep it as that even if you clearly know he/she is married, engaged, or even single… Whatever it is, I personally do not think it is okay to have a sex buddy. If you are proper Christian (I am not saying the 24hrs church goer or the never ending bible quoter or the road cleaning attire wearer.) Just someone who understands the Word enough to discern when someone is bullshitting you. Someone who understands his/her salvation, walks according to the Word and as the Spirit leads and has a true relationship with God. (You get my drift). When some ‘open minded person is speaking to you in a carnal way or twists the way life ought to be lived (in this case from the Word) you can correct that person or wisely filter out the trash and learn a thing or two from the sensible but still God acceptable. The sad part of the whole story is that the ‘really’ open minded people are the loudest voices around and others who are just breaking into this phase believe and digest everything they hear or see without running it through the things they live their lives on or believe in.

Do not get me wrong I do not think there is anything wrong with been open minded. Actually we need to be from time to time.  I also like to think of myself as an open minded person (at least to a certain degree). Giving people a chance, not judging even before they speak. Not putting aside people or tagging them as ‘bad’ (or whatever) just because they do not share my beliefs or views on things of life but I believe in our bid or quest to be open minded, we should not forget the basic rules of life, the rules that shaped us. The connection to whatever higher being we believe in. The things that indicate the difference between good and bad.

So I ask… Where do we draw the line?


2 thoughts on “Open Minds?

  1. Interesting!

    This is something I have been thinking about even in Christianity. Example – using musical instruments used to be seen as worldly and unchristian. I have heard some churches quote scripture to argue why it is a sin for women to wear trousers and stuff like that before. Some of those churches now allow it. Sometimes I think that in 50 years, having a sex buddy, whether married or not will not be a bad thing /sin anymore.

  2. Interesting piece Dee…i believe that people are “overly” open-minded people because they have no principles to live by therefore their way of life is based on what is expected of them by society as and when it is demanded.
    i live by the principles of the bible (although i have faltered at times). One interesting thing i will like to point out is that even the bible draws a line to open-mindedness in an indirect way. In the bible, we are told not to judge – i read an article that spoke of a man who went to heaven and was surprised to see people he never expected to see in heaven. So he expressed his surprise to the angel and the angel told him that those same people are also surprised to see him in heaven……
    anyways, in addition to being told not to judge, we are also told to love our neighbours but there is a “but” – we are told of the sins that we are not to commit…..
    so you see, the bible draws a line to open mindedness 🙂
    opinions of the society changes, but God’s word never changes

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