Using the Mac Time Machine

I know it may seem like the mac has been the only thing talked about lately on this blog but I can’t help it. Mr. J has got me addicted but don’t worry, Its going to pass away.

Today I want to share another great tip on how to enjoy and get the most out of your/a mac 🙂 and it is going to be on file backups.

Backing up files has been a savior many many times and I can testify to that. It becomes especially important when you own a PC (sorry guys) and you are fully aware that you cannot completely trust the stability of your machine. You wake up one morning and all your hard work is gone out the window with a blue screen or snacked away by a virus or just disappeared into thin air! (ok I am exaggerating now but you get my drift). This is not to say that mac users do not have to backup. In fact they have to and thankfully Mr. J provided a very handy and super easy to use tool for such moments. The Mac OS X 10.5 and later comes with a feature called Time Machine that makes backing up content of your computer a breeze and I am going to show you how to set it up and save yourself during the rainy day.

Step 1: Get an external hard drive. I would recommend you get an external drive that is twice(could be more) the size of the hard drive of your computer.

Once you plug in the drive, the machine would ask if you would like to use the disk as a backup drive. Select the Use as backup drive option.

If it is not a new drive or the drive has been used move to step 2 else skip to step 3.

Note: the computer would request to format the drive. Allow it to do so.

Step 2: From System Preferences, select the Time Machine option

Step 3: When the window opens, you would see an Off & On slider. Slide the button to the ON position.

Step 4: Select the disk you want to use for the backup.  You can adjust the settings for backup by specifying the files you want to back up. When you are satisfied, click done.

Step 5: Backup begins. The first time could take a while so be patient.

After the first backup, other backups become a breeze. You just plug in the hard drive and once its loaded, the backup starts automatically without you touching anything.  You could also start the backup manually if for any reason, the backup does not start on its own

… So now you don’t have to worry when the rainy day comes.

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