Getting Along

A number of us are aware of the unending debate about macs and pcs. “Oh macs are better than pcs”, “it just works” etc etc… (don’t get me wrong I have not crossed to the other side. Still a Apple fan babe 🙂 ) but the fact of the matter is that irrespective of their differences, they still get along quite well.

I was faced with a challenge today and decided to tackle it. I was sceptic at first of putting my energy into it because I had tried it before but to no avail after I had spent hours and hours trying.  Today I decided to give it a shot again and I was not disappointed this time 🙂 so lets go straight to the point.

I have a vista laptop at home that is connected to the Internet via a USB modem (like those MTN, or Zain on the go Internet connection) and I wanted to share the Internet connection with my mac. After searching through Google and reading different things and even watching youtube videos no help was in sight until I saw a video on the CNet site that helped. Now I have decided to share this everyone else and try to make it as easy and painless as possible.

The steps outline how to share Internet connection wirelessly from Vista to a mac running OS X 10.6 (this process should also work for later versions of 10.6 and the Leopard OS).

1. Turn on the Airport on the mac

2. Move to the PC and go to Networking and Sharing Center from the Control panel

3. On the sidebar, click “Set up a connection or network

Step 1
Step 1: Set up connection or network

4. In the window that appears, select “Set up a wireless ad hoc computer to computer network”

Step 2

5. Click Next.

6. Give your network a Name and Password (if you wish skip the password but make sure you are somewhere where your computer won’t be accessed and remember to delete the network after you are done using it)

Step 4

7. Click Next and “Turn on Internet Connection Sharing” after that, your network is created. You should be able to see the network now on you mac from your Airport.

8. Next you go back to the Network and Sharing Center and on the side bar again, click “Manage Network Connection

Step 5

9. In the window that appears, right click on the network you want to share. (In my case it is the connection from my USB modem), then click properties.

Step 6

10. In the properties window, click the Sharing Tab the check the first box that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”. In the drop down below it, select Wireless Network Connection. Then click Ok. Voila! your Internet is shared. Just wait a few seconds for your mac to detect the new changes then you can browse the web on the mac 🙂

Step 7

So now you can do this even if you are not a Computer Science student or know much about computers and the next time you find someone with this kind of issue, you would feel like a guru, fix it and come thank me later :D. Once you can browse on your mac, you should be able to browse on any other wireless enabled mobile device such as iPhones and iPod Touch.

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One thought on “Getting Along

  1. Thanks Dee. I’m sure this will come handy soon. I think you should make the title more specific for googlers looking for help though like “Share internet via Vista – Dee’s steps” 🙂

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