My route options home from work are just two (yea I know sad). The sadder part is they’re both one way! So if I decide to take one route, that’s the end no going back, no shortcut or branching out in the event of traffic. My favorite route is not known for serious traffic hence my choice but lately sometimes out of nowhere this unimaginable traffic starts. This just threw me off balance and every time I go home, I’m thinking and contemplating which route to take so I don’t wish I took the other one.
Recently MTN released a new service called MTN Eye. The service is meant to send you a directory of areas and traffic situation in that area. I have heard the radio ad so many times & never took it serious because to me I’m like “whateverrrr!” just another means to steal my money & did I mention the service is 50naira! I think they can afford to charge this much because traffic is a headache here and knowing Nigerians they wouldn’t mind spending that much for a service like this. And MTN also knowing this, they can afford to exploit it. I mean why didn’t charge 20naira or even make it free! (hehehe.. I’m pushing it right, I mean common on they are here to make money innit?) ok so that aside… My colleague and I were talking about it one day & I was telling her I think it’s expensive & she was like “expen? My sister is it not better to pay N50 than sit in a 1hr or more traffic?” I was like well yaa but whatever…

So on my way home today there was this long traffic and I was approaching the point where I had to make up my mind as to which route to take home… then I remembered the service and decided to give it a try… Even thou the N50 was till bashing me… So I sent the text to the short-code and instantly I got a text saying the route directory would be sent to me shortly. To be honest I was glad the response came so quick and so waited for the directory. As I write the directory is no where to be found. It has been 27mins & counting!!! Gladly the route I took was free! (yaaahhh) so I have come to the conclusion that:
1. The service is not for emergencies neither is it for people who need a quick peek into traffic situation & so have to do the old fashioned way if relying on their intuition. But rather for those who want to know traffic details 1hr (or more)before they set off. (we all know things don’t work that way. Traffic is not effn planned!)
2. It’s just another means to rip us off
So once again they live up to their slogan Crap everywhere you go! Or is it you worst connection!
Smack! I see traffic ahead… 😦

Update: Today is the 23rd of May and I still have not received my directory…


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