Gadget Craze

I love a good gadget no matter the kind. Phone, camera, music player, computer etc. Especially if it is from a company who has consumers in mind and always deliver great products. I love to lay ma hands on newer versions of gadgets I know or own. Especially if these newer versions have promising or very interesting features. For example, iPhone OS 4.0 which brings multitasking (we have been dying for this for so long!). Recently the iPad was unveiled and finally released and you can imagine my crave for it but from tech experience we all know that buying the very first version of a new gadget is a no no esp when you not trying to develop things for it (be it soft or hardware.)…. So still hanging on for updates to for the device… You know what they say “the patient dog eats the fattest …” 🙂

I am really excited as you read because Nokia just unveiled new Nokia phones! (someone scream yaaaaaeeee). Everyone know that Nokia phones outlive some of our phones or other devices. Some people actually use these phones to play the “you cannot toss your phone on the ground game” knowing fully well that the phone of the friend may not survive the fall or game.
The new phones are the C3, C6 and E5. The C3 phone may not be a smartphone but it still tickles my fancy. As a developer, having both smart and dumb phones is necessary and as a regular phone owner, having one great smartphone and a regular phone also works great for me!
The cool thing about the C3 phone is that it looks so much like a smartphones but cost waaaayyy cheaper! The other phones also have cool prices. Check out the C6. Looks so much like the N97! you may even feel sorry for spending so much on the N97…

Designing these phones as a social networking and messaging device is a great idea because thats all we do today! We are either emailing, chatting, texting or facebooking! and making all these easy to access and soak all out time in is just perfect! 🙂
There is a whole lot more to these phones 5MP, full QWERTY keyboard etc. check out the Nokia blog:

Looking forward to lay my hands on one of them… By the way what is it I hear about new Macbook Pros & iPhones? ummm? Would keep you posted…

xoxo lifentimez…


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