Cliche Out Of Date…

Please note some words may be offensive to some readers. Readers discretion is advised.

Nigeria a great nation

Nigeria a land of opportunities

Nigeria a land of hospitable people

Nigeria a land of this, Nigeria a land of that….


What great nation doesn’t know its left from right? Front from back? forward to backward?

What great nation has its people living UNDER $1?

What great nation has one of the most sort after natural resource and still cannot figure out how to use it wisely?

What great nation has a president that has gone MIA on them? (Can you imagine that till today, we have not seen Oga Yaradua? This week some clerics went to ‘visit’ him in Aso Rock and they come back to tell the nation “No Comment. It was a private visit! WTF!!!)

Many a times, when these cliches are recited in ads, on the radio, TV, talk shows, forums etc they say it just because yea at that time it rhymes with whatever they last said or it  just makes them sound intellectual in some way….

Majority of the time, when people say Nigeria is a land of great opportunity, they are usually referring to three major states out of the whole 36. Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt.  But still where are these opportunities? me I want to know… Is it in Lagos where things are stupidly expensive? that even 1 meal is hard for some people to come by. Is it in a state where jobs are HARD to get and keep? Is it in a state where you can be laid off at anytime because your crazy and greedy ass boss embezzled money? Where having electricity becomes a constant prayer point? Where starting and keeping a business needs you to have either good connections or good money?

Or is it in Abuja where there are estates with no occupants because the people cannot afford to either pay for rent or buy the property? while people live on the streets and some joining their Niger neighbors to beg for alms? Or is it in Port-Harcourt where the militants have taken over the state? and people sleep with 1 eye open? So I ask who are these opportunities for? From the nature of things, it is for the thieves amongst us, the looters, the white folks who can speak enough bler to convince the effn illiterate to give him a contract. The people going home with super sized Ghana must-gos and smiling to Switzerland. I heard a story of a man in this Nigeria that has a Ferrari in his house. (So what you say?) This Ferrari never leaves his compound. It is never driven. It is just parked in some nice place, cleaned regularly like a sitting room vase and most likely shown off to friends. Apparently when a newer one is out, he gets it and does the same thing. Only God knows what he does with the old one. The fact is that this man spends all this money on metal he doesn’t move or use but there are hungry children, children dying in hospitals because they cannot afford to pay the bills…

A land of hospitable people? Hospitable people who burn down houses of their fellow citizens in the middle of the night? Hospitable people that rob and kill people in broad daylight for not having anything to steal? Hospitable people that use their family members or innocent people for rituals?  Hospitable people who have no regard for other road users? See hospitality isn’t only when you have a guest or a foreigner and you act all nice and shit to them. It also spreads across to that neighbor, brother, sister and fellow citizen.

You may start to think Nigeria is all bad but it is not. We are actually a set of  hardworking people and one of the most industrious people. People found in almost every country in the world just trying to make something for themselves. A land that has got it beauties both human (Omo [chale] you should check out the South South babes.. damn!) and environmental.  But the fact remains that we need to stand up and move forward… Enough with the back patting and singing of past glories. The Americas and Europe we copy and want to be like, if they kept patting their backs, would they be where they are now? Will they be a force everyone wants to reckon with? Don’t give me that crap of how those continents are way older than Nigeria or any other African country. The fact is that times have changed. Resources, technology, knowledge and level of globalization we have now was not available then, So why can’t we take advantage of the fact that these resources are at our feet waiting to be put together…

The inspiration of this piece was from an ad that effn pissed me off…


8 thoughts on “Cliche Out Of Date…

  1. Gurl….
    Dnt knw wat to say but u almost made me cry…..But i dint.
    You knw all of this is not hidden in anyway to the public but i still dnt kw wat/why pips have refuse to think.
    Trust me 9ja can be d very best in d world…its high time we focused.
    Still 9ja 4lyfe tho!
    Signin out reppin 4 a better 9ja.

    Thumbs up gurl.
    Kip hitin d points hard on d head.

  2. Bros, man I feel you. Like Port Harcourt shouldn’t even be on that list! city is decaying slowly. rme. just started my blog, and it’s quite refreshing to know that I’m not the only young one out there voicing my frustrations. Love the truth in your words, we need to start acknowledging our realities.

    1. Hey Sanechild, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment 🙂
      We really need to stand up and fight for our land, speak out against injustice and suffering of our fellow citizens.

      1. Hey, that’s what blogging is for right? I think people actually want to stand up, but they are scared, or they think people won’t support them, or they simply don’t know how to go about it. Personally I was shocked with that whole fuel subsidy thing, when Nigerians unified and started protesting in the streets, i thought that was an impossible thing for Nigerians

      2. Well we as humans, there is only so much we can take. I guess Nigerians are starting to realize that they can speak up for themselves and say no to unnecessary suffering… And better late than never uhn? 🙂

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