Its 4:38am. I finally get out of bed after snoozing the alarm for the 4th time. ( I have to wake up @ 4am if I wanna leave the house at 6am.. yea girl thing. Start getting ready 2hrs before! I am kinda a time conscious person 2). Getting out of bed, all I can do is curse and curse about how freakn early it is, how much I hate waking up early for work, remembering friday evening is so far away (even if its Thursday morining), the traffic I’m gonna be in if I dont get my sweet ass into the shower in the next five mins…
Its 6am, finally I’m ready for work and out the door I go. Maybe commiting my life and day into the hands of God, maybe not…. 7am, still on the road, tuning to my favourite radio station to listen to the morning news… “Good morning its the world news at 7” says the lady on the radio. Headlines go by, news in full starts… I find out that some people got robbed on some road some where in the country… Some people got shot by unknown gunmen in another part of the country. Some burnt after been attacked… A Gov dies of shock after he was robbed, Somewhere up north, a set of people burning houses and killing innocent people just because they belong to another religious group or because they killed their cattle!… It starts to get really scary… Asking myself what is going on in the country…
They say the police is here to serve and protect… to uphold the law and maintain law and order but the next day on the news you hear the some policemen were part of a gang of robbers or were accomplices to a robbery or disturbance….
A lot of times, news lingers on about terrorism of innocent people on a certain road or area and I wonder where the police are. Aren’t they hearing all these? Don’t they read the papers, don’t they listen to the radio? Its crazy! Most times, they show up much later to ‘revolve’ the issue after so many people have fallen victims of these crimes… Oh there are loads of instances and I will lay it all out…
Instance 1: there is this road not to far away from 3rd Mainland Bridge(longest bridge in Africa) where people get robbed. Mostly the people on the the rightmost lane because they are closer to the pedestrian path and this is where the robbers hang out in the mist of other passersby. You may wonder “So why drive on that lane if you know robbers hang out der?” Well there is freakn traffic! You know those traffic that cause a 3 lane road 2 become 5 lanes sometimes less but you get the picture… So yea… people who have their windows down are held at gun point to hand over their possesions… those who have their windows up are told to wind down while the other guy shows them the weapon. Some actually knock on your window and tell you to let it down… People have been calling in on radio shows alerting people and drawing the attention of the force but still these guys are still there doing what they do. So when passing there you have to either try very hard not to be on that lane or you start your prayers once you get to that section of the road…
I can tell you now, that as I type, no news of the police attending to the matter has been heard. I remember some guy calling in on one of those radio shows and suggesting that policemen be undercover in that area.. and in my head I go like ” hun! pls tell me you don’t mean that. Dude! this is Lagos! It only makes it worse because for all we know, the bad eggs in the force may just join in the fun! or something even worse may happen”…
Instance 2… I remember this story so well because I think that was the 1st time I got to really understand the ‘crappyness’ of our police force. Late one night, a house on the street behind ours was getting robbed and the way our house and the some other houses on our street were positioned, we could actually see the house gettn robbed. The police was called and they were expected to show up anytime soon but in the mean time, these people were getting robbed… so as good fellow estate people we decide to help them out. The daddys of the various houses around decided to help and finally the robbers left without causing much harm to the family. Later that morning the police showed up looking for the robbers! When we heard that, we went hun! you must the kidding right? Fing idots where were you like errrr 5hrs ago?!? At that point, I knew we are not safe in this country of ours.
Instance 3… Some weeks later, a big store which had been the highlight of shopping in the area for sometime got robbed. At that young age, I found the whole incident very scary and lost hope in the police force. This store got robbed not through the front door but through the wall. You ask how? this is how. The robbers could not get in through the front door so they drilled a huge hole through the wall! And they brought a generator along! All through this drilling, would you say, the people who lived around the store didn’t hear? and if they did, no one call the police? and if they did call, why did they show up some 6 maybe more hrs ago! There are loads and loads of other instances and painfull situations where I think if the police was not so busy collectn N20 from people (amongst many other things), they would actually serve and protect. So our only prayer is that we don’t experience any of these robbers…
ummm 7:30am finally at work… Darn! its gonna be a looooonnnggg day…

5 thoughts on “PoPo

  1. I think Ghana is just following Naija footsteps mehn! Perhaps instead of praying for GH I should pray for Naija cos GH to me has a way of following Naija. You want examples?

  2. damn! you have taken a jive at all of them
    Truth be told… you are SPOT ON!

    Our WORLD is gradually coming to a HALT

    we must act now to salvage what is left of it.

  3. Gurl,
    Am speechless……
    U kinda brought evrytin 2 book….. i hate it tho! As it jus brings bac loads of bad memories. Well dnt wanna talk aba dem now.
    But all i wud say is ‘my prayer is no friend of mine should experience dat ulgy act/scene’ Trust mi…it is very demoralizin.
    Gurl….Neva the less let d truth be told.
    Spot on gurl.

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