We Live For?

What do you live for?

What makes you hopeful when you wake up each morning?

What keeps your engine going during the storm?

What makes you see that silver lining in the sky?

What makes you believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel even when you cannot see it?

Each day we wake to our same routine. Thinking and dreaming of our hopes, wishes, desires…

Never breaking loose or taking up those things that act as barriers & forgetting life is so short…

Everyone in a hurry to make some doe, be comfortable, do what pleases them and in the process hurt the ones they love, cause a gloomy day for someone else, break a heart…

How many smiles have you put on a face today? Adult, child, friend, stranger…

Trying to make the world a better does not start from pushing out the words from our mouths but from the little things we do…

Stopping your car to let the old lady/worker/market woman or the little kid trekking to school cross the road is not gona make you grow shorter, fatter, or even go stupid…

How deep and how clear is the footprint you leave behind gonna be?

A kind word can save a life…  A kind word can touch a heart…

Touch a life today… Touch a heart today… Save a smile…


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