Price of Freedom

Dreams Dreams Dreams… I have a dream, you have a dream, the guy on the street has dream but how much would you pay to realize this dream? I watched a Yoruba movie on DStv one Sunday afternoon. In a scene a guy is given a blank cheque to request for any kind of job he wants to help make his life better. This guys gets excited and says he wants to be a “molue” (a big commercial bus; just a bit smaller than a metro bus) driver
and I say to myself “my God! you must be kidding right?” but the reality of it all is that there are actually people like him out there who cannot see past their current environment or current situation. They are short minded and remain trapped in the embraz of poverty just because they cannot dream big… My pastor usually says “If you ask God for biscuit, he would give you biscuit. If you ask God for chewing gum, he would give you chewing gum. If you ask God for something great, he would give something great.” but you know ceteris paribus 😀
We live in the information age where the structured way of making it to wherever we call the top does not apply anymore. i.e. going to the Harvards or MITs of the world, searching for the perfect white collar job {that we hate 80% of the time/ takes us away from our families/ require 26hrs of a day) and relying on pensions plans in our old age… We live in a time where creating a niche for yourself and not relying on the government is key.. I mean common! the government cannot even help itself! espcially in Africa.
In everyone of us lies a great talent. Talents that can make the world a better and easier place to live in. Talents that can be brought together, harnessed and used to help the less priveldged or the handicaped… Looking at the other side, some people actually dream big and see beyond the present. They envision great things for themselves [and/or] their community some even the world! but these dreams are chocked, suffocated, boxed in and made to be thrown away somewhere deep in the artic of their minds by ‘structured life thinking parents/guardians/teachers’. I really appreciate and admire parents who support and guide the ideas of “un-structured life” dreams of their kids. Parents who help their kids become great business owners or investors instead of the typical white collar employment lifestyle… You may be a youngster reading this and cannot educate or get your parents to see the world the way you see it. Even if at the end of the day you do not get to the end of that dream, keep this in mind and do it for your children. Do it for your grand kids… If you are a parent reading this, open and stop sufforcating the talents of your kids…
… The price of freedom is not money, risk or the best formal education but does dreams & desires. More importantly the ability to rise above disappointments and dust off the debris it left on your shoulders…
So to everyone out there who feels or who is actually bound or confined to traditional norms, family pressure etc I encourage you to take that bold step. Your idea may not be jaw dropping or a 200V light bulb idea. It could be small and thought as insignificant or already exsiting but the touch you give to it could be the midas touch… You know what they say “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean & neither was Rome built in a day”. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Price of Freedom

  1. What if its the biscuit he really wanted.

    The bus is what will make him happy and feed his family. Not every body wants bigs stuff some people cannot handle it. so they simply go for what they know they can surely handle

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