The Oyster

I found myself looking at something pretty interesting today (at least I found it interesting)… Was going through my google reader and came across an article talking about pearls. Being a beaded jewelry designer, this article was of interest to me. Apparently, there was a major international exhibition of pearls at the Qatar Museum covering the types of pearls, history and industry of pearls. In all this, the oyster could not have been left out :) I mean its like talking about the history of computers and not mentioning Charles Babbage or the abacus or about airplanes and not mentioning the Wright Brothers… you get my drift…. So here I am, reading through this article and a thought struck me “ummm I wonder how the pearls are actually made” (forgive my ignorance oh smart and widely read one).. So I fire up Google and search for how pearls are made… I get my answer and another thought struck me “I wonder how the anatomy of an oyster looks like” you know; the structure and how things happen under the hood.. kinda like the way we all know how the human body works and we can figure out why/how certain things go on inside us… So yea, I fire at Google again and I get pictures of the anatomy of an oyster and I must say it is very interesting… Looking at the picture of an oyster on the surface is boring .. just mushy stuff everywhere… So here is a picture of an oyster open & the anatomy of an oyster…

Open Oyster
Anatomy of an oyster
Anatomy of an oyster

2 thoughts on “The Oyster

  1. Natural pearls form under a set of accidental conditions when a microscopic intruder or parasite enters a bivalve mollusk, and settles inside the shell. The mollusk, being irritated by the intruder, forms a pearl sac of external mantle tissue cells and secretes calcium carbonate and conchiolin to cover the irritant. This secretion process is repeated many times, thus producing a pearl.

    There are also freshwater pearls that are cultured…

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