Movies Here and Now

I have been out of the movie watching business for sometime now due to technical difficulties and I am excited to say that I got a small breakthrough last week :) & saw some great movies. You know, the type of movies you would not want to delete when done watching… 1. Sherlock Holmes! That movie was just on point! I loved the “yea what eva” attitude of Mr. Holmes and how he notices the tinniest details kinda like the Mr. David in the Series Lie To Me. Trust me the movie is worth your cash/time/sleep.

2. Law Abiding Citizen; pleasant movie especially if you like to mess with people and torture not their bodies but their minds. I am not violent or support any form of violence but I felt the guy’s pain. Watching his wife and kid die without been able to do anything about it & the law(according to him) not doing anything good enough to bring the murders to book… I could understand his hurt… Long and short, good movie. The last movie that made my week was Inglorious Bastards! Brad Pitt was perfect! Yea I have an crush on him and all that but putting that aside, the man has got talent and always looks soooo good in whatever look he has. Hans Landa the Jew hunter was another character that added spice to the movie. After watching this movie, I felt so fulfilled and didn’t mind if I was late for work the next day because it was worth it!

Avatar! Avatar! Avatar! this movie was so hyped and I do not know why… Hyped so much that it was a number 1 movie for weeks at the box office. I hesitated for so long to watch the movie for one main reason. The blue creatures just freaked me out! Didn’t think I could live through to the end of the movie. One day after so much noise, I finally decided to watch the movie. By the end I was like “Is that it?”  What was all the hype about? Some blue creatures jumping around, fighting for their territory, some guy going in and out of  Avatar land/mode? (remember this is my own opinion and take on the movie).  The movie just didn’t work for me end of story!

Got the chance to see 2012. Another good movie although I had a few issues with the movie. As my people who say, They did “ojoro” (cheat) in the movie. I mean come on! John Cusack should have died like half way into the movie but I guess he is some sort of secret super hero who can’t get blinded by smoke or burnt by the heat of the fire balls raining from the sky. Did you also know that the black geologist is Nigerian?!?  Nice.. He did well in the movie… Hoping to watch Alice in wonderland soon would keep you posted on my take of the movie…


4 thoughts on “Movies Here and Now

  1. i watched Law Abiding Citizen this month and i am like “this is my movie for the month” ! the movie just has a great story line – as much as we are regulated by the law, u could easily get away with it also….thumbs up to the writer!
    Dee, have u seen “My Sister’s Keeper”? i know its old but i just saw it during the weekend – that is also a good movie (u should see it if u haven’t)

  2. I fink am gonna agree wit u on all except d Avatar.
    – Sherlock Holmes….i loved his sense of attention to details and the “yea wat eva”. It was a grt movie.
    – Law abiding citizen…anoda grt movie…d whole idea of punchin holes in the law has always bin my interest. Chk out, when they were in court….jus as when the Judge was about to dismiss the case for lack of evidence..he intruded and started to object the courts action with so much action…it was brilliant. Loved it.
    – Avatar..Hmmmm . Thou there is alot of mix feelings abt it. But wat made me appreaciate evry bit was the graphics…d intensive use of technology and d amount of money and time that went into it (a ten yr project). Gurl it deserves an applaud.
    Anyways kip us posted gurl.

  3. Yah, it seems whenever a movie is really hyped, it just fails to live up to its expectation. The sad part is I work with a guy who just exaggerates EVERY thing. Every movie he watches is the best ever or unprecedented or unbelievably awesome. Sometime, after he watched a movie, he said he was never going to watch any movie again. I mean how?

    Anyway, I agree with the people who say they did ojoro in 2012. It was just too much. I’m glad I didn’t pay money to watch it.

    Speaking of which, it’s about time we stopped watching pirated movies……..NOT!!!

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