Bucket List

Starting to put together a bucket list… We always talk about living everyday like it is our last, but how many of us actually do? This thought or emotion takes over us when we hear of the death of someone close or just maybe a friend or relative of a friend. It usually knocks us back to the fact that we are mere mortals who do not know when or how or where we shall cross over to the other side… I have been one of those that sing and talk about living one day at a time and trying to achieve the best or just do what makes me happy that point… I am happy to say that I have actually started that journey.  Although it is not going fast or as I plan, the good thing is that I have ticked off somethings from my list. :)

Sometime when I was in Accra I took the bold step of jet skiing and boy! that was so much fun! It was GHC 10 for 5 mins but I thought to myself WTH! I could have wasted that GHC10 in some other way that would have pissed me off, so why not… Another interesting experience was when I was in a canoe ( this was way back in SSS. wasn’t part of my dream events buy hey! the experience was nice.) Putting away my fears & taking the step to jet ski really made me open up to a lot of things. Now when I am presented with a new adventure, 90% of the time, I do not think twice! (Probably not a good idea but hey! its all part of the fun init?)  The jet ski experience has made me more interested in water sports… Looking forward to water skiing :)

Dubai is somewhere I would like to visit as well as other beautiful islands… I mean don’t all those beautiful pictures just make you feel you want to be there?

I hear Malaysia is another beautiful country hoping to be there someday. This is a picture of one the beaches there.

Cusinart resort sandy beaches

Now this is a beach! clean and pretty looking! …

Ghana! my second country is another beautiful place! Oh my! I went for a drive to some part of Eastern Ghana with a friend around 4am and got to see the city of Acrra from a hill top (Some place around the presidential lodge) and oh my! my jaws dropped! The scenery was awesome. (Damn! should have taken a picture). Hoping to go back to GH to finish my exploration. :)

The list continues.. would keep you posted…


3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Wow…am jealous!!! i also wanted to write the same bucket list after
    i saw the movie. But i was scared that i would keep procrastinating
    and not be able to do half of the things on the list before i turned
    40. so guess wat i did?i put off writing the list all together. You
    have re-inspired me. .. lol. I think, most Africans don’t like to try
    new things so we should all b determined to ‘break that barrier’ and
    forget the old lady in our hometown who is supposedly ‘doing’ us.

    The only fun thing i have done is ‘go-carting’, i think. This Easter i
    planned on trying the para-gliding thing (my knees wobble @ the
    thought of it) but i put it off once again.and hearing this one-liner
    which said “if at first you don’t succeed, don’t try sky-diving”
    really re-affirmed my fears..cuz i suck at all adventurous
    things(hmmm….i have to look into this juju thing oooo……. :-)).
    gud luck on ur bucket list. nd keep blogging ur progress!!

    was it aburi u saw the jaw-dropping scenery at?? i luvd it too after a
    visit to Akuapem. nice nice nice!

  2. It only takes a day for you to stand up and do those things. I have tried go carting too that was fun! You could start from the little things like maybe surfing or anything not as extreme as sky diving …
    Yea it was around Aburi. The view was great! You should try it out at night (effect best wif a nice guy 😉 ) and when you do, please a take a picture.

  3. hmm…bucket list. i have like a million things that will b on dat list. not sure if God will approve of all of them bt we’ll c.lol

    funny thing is my brother was just telling me last night dat he wants 2 go paragliding!! me …im a typical black man so will rather stay somwhere cool nd flirt…lol. bt exciting?i’ve had my share of xcitement. frm jumping walls 2 go 2 parties, using fake names on guest lists, gone go carting, bin on a roller coaster – which i totally recommend 4 my african frends!! dats where u’ll realise dat de white kid who is like 7 is alot more brave than u r!! bt in all it was a wonderful xperience!
    im luving dis blog bt i feel like i’ll take over wid my plenty stories !!lol

    yea b4 i forget…i blieve dat b4 every1 dies..u must visit ‘LAS VEGAS’..i bet even God will even give u a knock on de hed if u come 2 his end without seeing VEGAS!! its somwhere i realli wanna go. Nd plans r underway 2 visit dat place withn de nxt 5yrs!!lol

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