Apple Die Hard

A lot of my friends know me as an Apple advocate . Some ask if I have been employed by Apple to help market their products in Africa… I confess that I am biased when it comes to Apple products :) but hey! come to think of it, why won’t I spread the good news and joy of owning and using a mac… I mean the freaky product just works! (I know cliche) and they have great customer service 2! (although the music they play while you are on hold sucks). But seriously, the speed at which things go just keeps me happy. The ease of use keeps me joyous. The beauty of the hardware makes me proud to pull it out from a laptop bag…. I can give instances… ok check this out. My dad has a PC running Vista (Yea not the best of OS) and plugging in a new printer to print just 1 page could take like over 5mins! why? cos the PC is installing drivers! and you know how long that takes. meanwhile on my mac, I plug in the printer and instantly I’m done printing! Shutting down is another thing I hate doing but you just have to do so from time to time if you use a PC… Using a mac, sometimes I do not shut down for a month!

The machine just works!

A friend sent me this picture… You can imagine how hard I laughed.

Buggy Fruit

One thought on “Apple Die Hard

  1. Five Things I love about my macbook

    1. Finder: It takes a while for new mac users to discover just how powerful Finder is. Quickly press Command+spacebar and search for a document you want to open, please enter when the document is highlighted…and voila. I do this in 4 secs max without touching the touchpad!

    2. Development Tools: As a programmer, I like that I do not have to search for and install most development environments off the wall. You get the lastest versions of C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Rails, PHP etc coming with your OS disk!

    3. Spaces
    4. Parallels
    5. Nifty utilities

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