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Reading Log 2014

by Oyin

1. The Magic of Thinking Big – David Joseph Schwartz
2. The Wisdom that Works – Bishop David Oyedepo
3. Blessed to be a Blessing – Kenneth Copeland
4. Are You Ready? – Gloria Copeland
5. Build Your Financial Foundation – Gloria Copeland
6. Doing Business The Spiritual Way – Timo ten Cate & Janneke Kromkamp (note: not all things mentioned in this book are bible based spirituality)
7. Why We Buy – Paco Underhill
8. The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss
9. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
10. So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport
11. Made To Stick – Chip Heath & Dan Heath
12. Startup of You – Reid Hoffman
13. A Whole New Mind – Daniel H. Pink
14. Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
15. Youtility – Jay Baer
16. Mastery – Robert Greene
17. Hooked – Nir Eyal
18. The Promise of a Pencil – Adam Braun
19. Personality Not Included – Rohit Bhargava

On the Fruits of The Holy Spirit

by Oyin

Yesterday I was reading an entry in a book about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I had heard about these fruits so many times before but there was something different about it this time. This time, I felt it in my spirit to pay closer attention and seek what these fruits mean for me. The fruits mean the work He will accomplish in my life is:

Love: He will show and help me see, feel and experience an extremely tender passionate affection of God for me.
Peace: He will free my mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, obsessions but instead help me to feel calm and untroubled in the midst of everyday struggles and trials.
Joy: He will give me great delight and gladness each waking day even if everything else seems to be screaming otherwise
Patience: He will teach and help me to endure during difficult times and things that appear to be misfortunes. He will help me persevere
Kindness: He will help me be more considerate of others
Goodness: To be well meaning to others
Faithfulness: To be true to my words, to be thorough in my work and to be loyal. I also see that as I do this for others, He will do the for me too.
Gentleness: To shun violence & be humble
Self-Control: Teach me to restrain my flesh and tongue when I am pushed to use it in a negative way or experience negative feelings.

On Acquiring New Skills

by Oyin

🚩Be patient: Acquiring new skills takes time and focus, so your ability to ignore other pursuits is as important as your ability to focus on the main one.

🚩Don’t avoid discomfort: face it. When you start something difficult you are likely to feel internal resistance to the task– this is where many people start procrastinating, e.g., checking their inbox compulsively. Instead, establish a time structure: Tell yourself “I will work on this for an hour.” After ten minutes you might have lost yourself in the work. Also, keep track of the hours you dedicate to deliberate practice, as this tally will keep you motivated.

Doubling Your Brain Power

by Oyin

If you want to keep your imagination from getting sluggish, you need to challenge and encourage it. And you can achieve that by stimulating it, keeping it active and training it like a muscle: the more frequently you use it, the more productive and powerful it will become.

You Are What You Eat

by Oyin

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat,” which implies you should follow a healthy diet if you wish to have a healthy body. That same idea applies to your mentality: the way you think is influenced by what you see and hear. Your living space, your friends, what you read – all of these act as “mind food” and are instrumental in influencing your thought process.

Make no mistake: you are affected by the company you keep.

Excerpt from the book, The Magic of Thinking Big


by Oyin

“A group of people decides to watch a sunset. The scientist only sees the formation of the clouds; the astronomer sees the position of the stars; the biologist sees the atmospheric pollution; the fashion designer sees the colors of the sky. If you ask a child what he sees, he will say: ‘I see God smile.’ The message of this is: try to look outside of your own mental framework and discover what other people might ‘see’. This is a prerequisite for being able to do business.”

Excerpt From: Timo ten Cate. “Doing Business the Spiritual Way.” Timo ten Cate. iBooks.

Count Your Blessings

by Oyin

“Success won’t come without vision and focused planning for the future. But don’t forget to look around, see what you’ve already accomplished and be grateful for it. Gratefulness gives strength.”

Excerpt From: Timo ten Cate. “Doing Business the Spiritual way.” Timo ten Cate. iBooks.

Lessons on the way to great success

by Oyin

  1. Keep at it
  2. Be diligent
  3. Stop looking out wards & look within yourself to bring out your own personality
  4. Be mentally awake, diligent. Put your best into every day
  5. Always seek to improve yourself
  6. Allow no day to go by in which you have not improved yourself
  7. Remember to associate with people who have won, those who help you climb to the top. Don’t hang around with a group of “has beens.” Associate with the men who are climbing up
  8. If you have a gift, no matter what it is, make that gift stand out until men will admire it. Then someone will want to pay the price for it
  9. Your words make you a blessing or a curse
  10. Never repeat scandal. Never repeat the calamity of things
  11. Be a real contributor to your age. Don’t just exist
  12. The secret of winning is action
  13. Because words register in your heart and after they have registered, they take control of your life. Speak good words. Words of faith, encouragement, positivity, kindness & love
  14. Form habits of study, habits of industry. Form the habit of concentration, downright hard thinking.
  15. Give to every task your best; get the habit of doing fine work. Make each job better than the last

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