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Reading Log 2014

by Oyin

1. The Magic of Thinking Big – David Joseph Schwartz
2. The Wisdom that Works – Bishop David Oyedepo
3. Blessed to be a Blessing – Kenneth Copeland
4. Are You Ready? – Gloria Copeland
5. Build Your Financial Foundation – Gloria Copeland
6. Doing Business The Spiritual Way – Timo ten Cate & Janneke Kromkamp (note: not all things mentioned in this book are bible based spirituality)
7. Why We Buy – Paco Underhill
8. The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss
9. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
10. So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport
11. Made To Stick – Chip Heath & Dan Heath
12. Startup of You – Reid Hoffman
13. A Whole New Mind – Daniel H. Pink
14. Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
15. Youtility – Jay Baer
16. Mastery – Robert Greene
17. Hooked – Nir Eyal
18. The Promise of a Pencil – Adam Braun
19. Personality Not Included – Rohit Bhargava
20. The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber
21. The Force of Faith – Kenneth Copeland
22. Show Your Work – Austin Kleon
23. Thrive – Arianna Huffington
24. Exceedingly Growing Faith – Kenneth Hagin

Step by Step Faith Maturity & Use

by Oyin

1) Go to the word over the situation. Find out what God says about that situation.
2) Keep that word constantly in front of you. Your eyes, ears & mouth.
3) Go to God based on His word & promises not your need.
4) Speak the end result to the situation just like David did before he destroyed Goliath (1 Samuel 17:45-46)
5. Praise! Praise! Praise! Because it is done.

… On Controlling Outcomes

by Oyin

“If you walk in fear & anger, you’ll find fear and anger. Go into situations with what you want to find there… When you worry, you’re holding pictures in your mind that you want less of… What you focus upon you become. What you focus on comes to you. So hold in your mind what you want more of.”
– John Roger


by Oyin

God's love is unstoppable

An unstoppable love that never ends.

… On The Concept of Time

by Oyin

Everything changes the day you figure out there is exactly enough time for the important things in your life.
– Brian Andreas

The Gap by Ira Glass

by Oyin

This video inspired me to keep pushing. Helped me realize what creative work is truly about.

… On Achieving Mastery

by Oyin

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage by considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them; every day begin the task anew. – Francis De Sales

Winning Over Stress.

by Oyin

Everyday, the world will drag you by the hand yelling, “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!”
And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.”

- Iain Thomas.


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